Committe Information and Contacts

The Education Committee responsible for assisting the Association in receiving education related to current School Nurse Practice at meetings.

Name       : Bonnie Boucher
Location  : Central Early Childhood Center, Deptford
Telephone: 856-384-8750 x 1045
The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing Scholarship applications and submitting names of potential Scholarship recipients to the Executive Board.

Name       : Cindy Johnson
Location  : Thomas Jefferson School, Washington Twp
Telephone: 856-589-7936
The County Liaison shall represent the Gloucester County School Nurses' Association at all necessary meetings (regional and state) and keep abreast of all laws pertaining to school nursing and school nurses. This chair will attend executive meetings and report pertinent information at all Association meeting.

Name       : Cindy Cobb
Location  : Oakview Elementary School
Telephone: 856-845-1856 x4215
The Sunshine Committee responsibilities shall send a gift or plant to members for the occasion of extended illness or injury, wedding, birth of a child, death of a member or immediate family member. Immediate family members include; parents, significant other, children, siblings and grandchildren. Send a gift, planter or donation.

Name       : Laurie Drank
Location  : Pitman Middle School
Telephone: 856-589-6741
The Hospitality Committee shall handle refreshments for programs such as the annual dinner, general meeting and in-service or special meetings.

Name       : Deptford Township School District
The May Annual Dinner Committee organizes all activities related to the annual May dinner

Name       : Cindy Johnson
Location  : Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Telephone: 856-589-7936