Welcome to the Gloucester County School Nurses Association!



We, the Gloucester County School Nurses Association, will give support and encouragement to each member to empower their students to achieve their individual learning potential by promoting optimal health, wellness and safety.



The members of the GCSNA ensure the importance of health and well being of each student in their individual school districts. We are dedicated to communicate and demonstrate our concerns and our commitment for our students. As a result, each student will feel that he or she is valued as a member of our school communities.  


 In order to advance our shared vision of a comprehensive school nursing program, we will:

  • Provide each student with a safe and caring environment that enables him or her to develop healthy decision making skills.
  • Monitor the physical, social and emotional wellness of each child.
  • Collaborate as a group to provide updated information to our school districts and students.
  • Model healthy habits to all students.