Executive Board Members

The President shall be the official representative of the Association and shall preside at all meetings of the Association.

Name       : Cindy Cobb
Location   : Oakview Elementary School
Telephone: 856-845-1856 x 4215
The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President should this officer be absent and work in conjunction with the President.

Name       : Sara Weng
Location   : Walls Elementary School
Telephone: 856-589-1316 ext. 4550
The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of the regular meetings and meetings of the Executive Board and is the custodian of Association records.

Name       : Amy Wilson
Location   : Red Bank Elementary School
Telephone: 856-845-2727 ext: 5228
The Corresponding Secretary shall attend to all correspondence of the Association and send out all official communications, including sunshine responsibilities for the Association and Executive Board

Name       : Laurie Drank
Location   : Retired
Telephone: 609-670-4928 (text)
The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds for the Association , deposit money in a bank selected by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Committee, sign all checks together with another Executive Board member, send out bill and submit reports at all general and Executive Board meetings. The Treasurer's books shall be audited annually.

Name       : Bonnie Boucher
Location   : Central Early Childhood Center, Deptford Township
Telephone: 856-384-8750 ext: 1045
The WebMaster will be responsible for all communication via email, school directory and GCSNA website.

Name       : Pam Wolcott
Location   : National Park Elementary School
Telephone: 856-845-6876 ext: 112 or 856-848-4379
May Annual Dinner Committee Person details and short story.

Name       : XXXXXX
Location  : XXXXXXX
Telephone: XXXXXXX
Email        : xxxxx@.org
The Membership Committee shall keep an accurate current list of school nurses working in Gloucester County and notify members who are in arrears.

Name       : Angela Bloomquist
Location   : General Charles G. Harker School
Telephone: 856-241-1552 ext: x4107

Name       : Carol Ann Wesh
Location   : Retired
Telephone: 856-468-6619